O B one KENOBIE!!! You're my only HOPE!!!

Hoping to start the AC/DC Malcolm Young OB1 Tribute Band - Dedicated to preserving the memory of Malcolm Young and Bon Scott.

Heard Steve Ludwin, the Snake man, was looking to become lead singer of AC/DC. Thought AC/DC Broke up, and looking for new people. I was devasted by RUSH going into permanent retirement. Looked like my music hopes as an unknown was sunk too. I retraced my steps in what I did in music, and I was hit by ten sledgehammers. Malcolm Young was DEAD, Oh my God. He was my favourite nice guy member of AC/DC. I put black cloths on, turned off the TV and turned to the internet to watch AC/DC history, sobbing havily every time his picture appeared with his warm friendly voice telling me his story. I didn't eat until this morning. So I wrote "Cruely of Life", at 1:30AM March 25th.
After I finished recording to cassette, I found some comfort. The song was just the therapy I needed to get over the loss of Malcolm. I jammed to AC/DC to three songs, BACK IN BLACK, HELLS BELLS, and JAIL BREAK, and it was the same rhythm guitar work, I've been using in my own songwriting for years. Just the ticket for a job, I can apply to do Malcolm's old job. If I practised every detail intimately, and I had weeks before the coast is clear for the virus, I'd have my demo disk, PURE VENOM, plus a CD Full of AC/DC cover songs I practised with me doing rhythm guitar, and vocals. AC/DC was my favourate heavy metal band ever!!! AC/DC is the most popular group in the world, with concerts that look like Woodstock 1969!!!
Just one problem. AC/DC was not defunct. Malcolm's relative already had the job, something he's been covering for Malcolm every time he had health concerns. Thought Steve Ludwin was joking about being lead singer of AC/DC, and I found out that HE is really the lead singer of AC/DC. So I formed AC/DC MalcolmYoung OB1 Tribute Band. I could do rhythm guitar, and if necessesary, do the growl of Bon Scott. Drummers are a dime a dosen. Just one problem, needed Jimi Hendrix to come back from the dead to do the lead guitar!!??!!! Couldn't believe there are 150+ AC/DC tribute bands in the universe. I went to one, and they can handle everything, including the Jimi Hendrix lead guitar work. So I planned to go to gigs in Toronto looking at other rock and heavy metal groups and find out more about the scarce talent pool of Jimi Hendrix inspired lead guitar players, before OB1 FUN started.
Looks like we still have a problem folks, this situation is confusing the mighty dighty search engine. Correct me if I'm wrong, if you got classified information and are laughing your bags off, you're the lucky ones with the previous brain deficite data. Here we go, hopefully the truth. Brian Johnson is BACK. And Axle Rose is canned, not Axles fault, the criminal element sweet talked him into stuffing him with drugs, and Axle Rose lost his creative mind, which is gonna make me take a hard look at anyone who is not a friendly nice Cadanian.
So I'm never gonna get a job working for AC/DC. So please help Steve Ludwig the snake man as much as you can, who said he wanted to be the lead singer of AC/DC but didn't get the job. He's got the right "SSSSSSSSS!!!!!" KING COBRA shouting "Stay the FUCK away!!!" to hit a "Bon Scott" growl effort and send him a card that you like him anyway.
Steve Ludwig is already a hit with the health profession, because he injects himself every two weeks with snake venom and has superhuman antibodies, which helps people who are allergic to animal proteins. So Steve will have no shortage of Doctor's who will give him a few bucks. I'm also already popular with Doctors, because they are not only very easy to talk to but know I have a bit of a background in human and animal biology because of an avalanch of my parents giving me "How and Why" books, a model of a human body with all the organs, microscopes with an interest in all information collection. The blood donation centre, get by on just 3 hours a night sleep, and always looking forward to donating blood, sorry gay people who might have AIDS, especially the "Manulife Centre" knows I have a rare blood type, O rh -, only 4% of the population, and am at least 35 to 45 genetic age, younger than 54, have only two healty meals a day, and I'm still eager to not only become Steve Ludwig friend but start injecting myself with cobra venom, or a lesser venomous type, so I can add at least 20 more years to my life.

July 12, 1979: 'The Night Disco Died' — Or Didn't. In 1979, rock DJ Steve Dahl donned a combat helmet to blow up a crate of disco records, a stunt now known as Disco Demolition. It was the summer of 1979, and disco was taking over the world. Donna Summer, Chic and Gloria Gaynor were at the top of the charts.