End of Western Civilization 2020

01 AC Cruelty of Life - Tribute to Malcolm Young's Death (Real Treat for concert goers, a tribute to Malcolm Passing, bathroom break intermission for everyone before doing the last song)
02 AC Fragile Friendship
03 AC Glass Ceiling
04 PV Monster Society - Save our Children
05 PV Where did all the love go?
06 PV Satan's City
07 PV State Sponsored Genocide
08 DM Second Millenium
09 PV Slaves of the System
10 PV Long Live Dead Rock Stars
11 PV Stratford Rock and Roll High School - I want to Rock and Roll
12 AN Rodney The Racoon
13 IF Post Terror Attack on 911 - I want to help out - Conspiracy


Key to album code
AC AC/DC Inspired Album
PV PURE VENUM - Thrash the 1% Evil Elite
DM four song RECORD COMPANY DEMO submission
AN Analogue Anology
II Intimacy Forever - Love Bible