1.    God is Supreme

2.    People are #1

3.    Creativity/Work is Art

4.    Knowledge is Power

5.    Humour is Essential

Inspiration: No Insecurity Means Heaven

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The Scott Mission

The COVID-19 downtime has allowed me to read a lot of scripture.

I. The Opening
God; Jehova; Allah is the Creator and the ultimate authority in life to humanity and all of creation.
The Holy Bible, the Holy Qur'ân reveals the message from God; to the prophets; to the people.
God is; has been; and will always be in the universe.

Mankind is spiritual, social, rational and mortal living in the earth only a short time and living eternally in the hereafter of either heaven or hell, according to the conduct of the individual, living a life of good or evil.
II. The Covenent: Relationship with God and people.
i, Love thy God with your whole heart, with your whole soul and with all your strength.
ii, Love your neighbour as yourself. Pray for your enemies so that they become as few as possible.
iii, Everyone has a purpose or identity, like a tree that bears fruit. Everyone is identified by their fruits. Work/Creativity is art.
iv, Knowledge is power, from the scriptures; from nature; from parents; from teachers; from friends and from other sources of information: to do good and avoid evil.
v, Male and Female companionship leads to survival.
vi, Leader and follower instincts leads to a successful hunt.
vii, Do not kill or injure.

III The Revelation
Humankind with God given curiocity has for eons looked up to the heavens seeing the moon, the stars, and the planets.
Then every once in a while a dramatic event would unfold. Dark brooding clouds would appear. Lightning would light up the whole sky, and thunder would crash bang. Then the wind would stir up knocking everything over. Then torrents of rain would fall on the earth, renewing it with a soft purr.
Every once in a while; the earth would shake violently knocking people over and causing great cracks to appear on the ground.
One given this God given curiocity can't help but ask themselves why?
And one can't help but think; This is just a tiny sample of His power!!!

IV All fall short

Summer 1981
Waking up from a long sleep I saw a vision. The room lit up, and I saw the glow of a dove without wings and the sound of rushing water.
At the time I had sexual thoughts. Immediately I heard the sound of disapproval; like the sound of water collapsing like down a drain.

V Is there Life after Death?

Father's day: Sunday, June 2007
I woke up and walked downstair to the shower. I noticed Richard slumped in front of the door. I shook him trying to wake him up.
I called 911. They suggested C.P.R. I went back to Richard but found him unresponsive. I went back to the 911 operator and said, "I'm sorry, there nothing I can do for him."
When someone dies, I don't think anyone ever forget them, especially if they know them. There is never closure. One can't help but believe; though they are "brain dead"; that they are living a life in the hearafter.
Though Richard had his quirks, he was a God fearing man, and lived a good life.
Richard is one of my better friends. He was a former landlord who rented a room to me in his house and later sort of adopted me. We went to the Catholic Church as well as Toronto area landmarks together. We also went on cruises and vacations together. I miss him very much.

VI Who can understand Man Made Disaster?
There was a peaceful scent, then BANG!!! an explosion!!! Then broken bodies scattered everywhere, shaking and screaming to a terrible end. Blood everywhere! News reported converging on the scene. Ambulances rushing to the scene but finding few takers. Onlookers crying to God for help.
The investigators find no ransom demands; no trace of the perpetrators, a pre-meditated plan; TERRORISM!
Unfortunatly this kind of EVIL, or whatever violent acts, leading to death, against innocent people happening anywhere, may lead to more blood being spilled as the blood may cause some people to want revenge or angry thoughts to the terrorists or criminals. It's important that cooler heads prevail, and that the terrorists or criminals will some day be brought to justice.
June 10th, 2021
VII Praise the Lord!!!
It's important to show appreciation to God during the day and to glorify Him.
Exodus 15 - Sûrah 24:36 - Matthew 11:25-30

June 14th, 2021
VIII Is it the End Times yet?
Every once in a while, I'm sure God does check on his human creation, probably seeing that mankind has filled the earth just as He has commanded.
He is the same God that walked with Adam, with Abraham, with Moses, with Jesus, and with Muhammed.
What does God see? Is mankind living up to His covenant or living a life in sin? Is it time to prepare for the harvest when it becomes time to separate the sheep from the goats?
July 5th, 2021 11:00 AM

IX God inspired rules and regulations Vs. Man Inspired laws
Too often, one has to think of the motive behind "man made" laws: Who or what do they serve? And why do people complain about them, and even not obey them?
August 5th, 2021 5:00 PM

X God: The Beneficient, the Merciful
JUDGEMENT DAY IS COMING!!! Fortunately, GOD can forgive ANYONE who sincerely wants to be forgiven. It's important to be a believer and know what GOD's wants.