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[Even Ontario Conservative Government Harris was bad news after their landslide election!]

[SOCIALLY IRRESPONCABILITY is good for you, not BAD!!!]

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Looks like the billion dollar renovators of Madison Square Gardens are the retarded ones this time. The game had been "rained out" for 11 minutes, a rare event in the NBA, with drops of water from the roof falling on the Nicks side foul line. Nicks 102, Raptors 96. The Raptors made an amazing comeback being 18 points down at the most until they had an outstanding third quarter, though they lost.
So what happened since I saw the Raptors play the Nicks the last time just after the Raptors had won the championship and both sides had been nursing injuries. They both had tighter defenses, and though Nick Nurse probably has said a thousand times that two points closer to the basket is far better than missing a three pointer and missing out on an offensive rebound, the magic moments have been good; keeps me watching with interest, with me being a fan of them, second only to the Toronto Maple Leafs.
I've been spoiled by seeing outstanding high school basketball in my physical education home room for free. You tell guys they can get good scolarships and girl friends, and the Stratford Huskies will beat the Rams everytime, even long before the Raptors were thought of, and Canadian NBA became a dream of theirs.

Looks like BIN LADEN MIGHT WIN AGAIN because of anal retentive governments {mentally disturbed DANGEROUS people} insist that dollar bills are more important than GOD or the security of North America. Every morning I'm greateful that get to live another 24 hours of fun and sun and nice neighbourhood instead of suffering blind, deaf and freesing after a nuclear winter if the Superbombs play "GLOBAL THERMO NUCLEOR WAR - JUST PLINK {PLINK SOUND} DOWN DOLLAR SIGNS WITH ONE ATARI 800Xl PLAYER MISSLE "Smiling and laughing David Lighman Returns with Atari T Shirt" in ANTIC 4 COLOUR MODE AND THEN like Missle Commander, see the lines of The other ISBM Rockets appearing."
Then in the style of the LEGACY 1983 WAR GAMES MOVIE {HISTORY OF}. OH FART, says General Barringer of Brass Hat. I thought we defeated the reds eons ago. There's 20 of these DARN things in the air, we got to get PRESIDENT TRUMP ON THE HORN, {Dialing ... BAW BAW BWE BWE BWE BWE} HE'S FREAKIN BUSY, what he HECK IS HE UP TO. Someone says ".. ah. Trying to raise money for his next election..."
JESSY CHRISTIE this is a gosh darn EMERGENCY, is the enemy ICBMs confirmed on our satilites. Someone says {searching in frustration for a minute then says "We've got one satilite left not turned into porn channels - The enemy ICBMs" are confirmed - We've got to intercept them!!! Then they go to computer systems trying to find the President "Ronald Reagan" Star Wars interceptors. {1 minute} Windows 7, useless bag of dirt. Ok. What is the our autopsy report PLEASE, can anybody VOLUTEER anything. The 6 people in BRASS HAT look at each other {trump cuts} then put up their hands.
General Barrenger goes "OK. I'M GONNA THROW THE Burger King WHOPPER Computer at the Enemgy" He picks up the server, struggles with it, and throws if {clatter} right on the "Shield of NORAD" on front of the missles DETECTIN SCREEN ready to clobber western civilization" Then up pops the screen "Hi it's me Mathiew Broderick {Smiling and waving enthusiastically} - Can you help me lose my virginity!!! {Then The Internet Plays the MISSLE game} Or else I'm gonna steal your password for your Anal Retantive assexual ways - He He He He...."
Ok, that is the fail safe system, what's the password. {Er. ........ Enter it in... Fruit LoopZ^ [No Dice. Please try again - You got 2 changes left!]... Oh HECK, it has to be a strong password with symbols and upper and lower case letters} again... Entering password, FruiT LoopZ^ [UNAUTHORISED ACCESS DETECTED - One change left!], again, FruiT LoopZ^, [YOUR BEING REPORTED BY HOMELAND SECURITY - YOU'LL NEED A LAWYER TO SAVE YOU]. then the news feeds are allerted of the ordeal. The Stones playing mid "Last Time" October 19th, 2023 at MDMI 1080p 21:19:23:56 in LOS ANGELES, and then "blank screen - TV network failed". Then "General Barringer just stands at the screen" and then about 3 seconds of white light, and then a message "Security Video encountered end of file - unknown failure" {they had to use ALVIN 15 submersible and dig through the Cheyanne Mountain to find that digital security video}. It took 3.2 Years 2379AD figuring out why there was "The Sea of Atlantas" where North America was, where all the legacy entertainment came from.
MESSAGE TO THE PEOPLE WHO MADE THE SPOOF OF END OF CIVILIZATION WAR GAMES ALTERNATE ENDING. I think we have got to have a good HARD look at the civilian/military cell/landline phone network. If there was no communications between the first US Base, the stand down wouldn't have happened, and after 7 no communications occurred, the launch order would have to be done, and history will have ended two hours later.
On September 11, 2001, President George Walker Bush's "Air Force 1" flying White house couldn't communicate with the Pentagon because the cell phone network failed paralizing the American Government. Hope desparately that NORAD got their best people together and solved the problem.
Organized crime in 2020 has compromised the cell phone network several times in Toronto. I nearly died of a Heart Attack, had severe chest pain, and couldn't get through to 911, and the Metro Police Number, on cell phone or landline. I could walk to the nearby Hospital, but I can only stretch my ribs, and got over that one a few hours later.
I think organized crime has been fishing my system, causing it to do my system to do unexpected things. I need my computer for writing music, and working on my website, so I needed Windows 10 for proper 64 bit level encryption security, and through 4.3 hours of frustration, I never got it. I eventually got windows 10 on a laptop for $1,400 to use for business books. The few good things about it were that it had voice command {explained the cheap keyboard worse than the ATARI 400} and it had potentially 3 D level fingerprinting good for fooling organized crime if my laptop was stolen. Organized crime has caused me severe security headaches over my CIBC credit card, about $4,500 more "Baloney" charges with and shipping only my 3 UPS's and canceling my orders for what I thought I was approved for, and at a later time was denied, and when I couldn't use my second credit card, I realized I was wasting my time, and gave up on those TURKEYS too. I got some things from, but only use them only if I have too. It doesn't take much for me to mistrust people, I'm sorry to say. {I'm a new order Mennonite - stuck in rat infested GOOGLE CORRUPT Toronto}
Windows 10 failed miserably on ALL other counts. After 15 minutes of trying to register the fingerprinting, I went back to the password and got just an empty screen with no files or folders which means I'd have to buy all the software all over again {the COVID-19 Virus has my finances on the ropes - I have been laid off by my Very Good Chair Sanding Job} AND to add insult to injury, the only option for internet was Rogers wireless, not my Rogers "cable" high speed internet, so I've got to run out and order that thing, before I get to use Windows 10. Long story short, I just closed the thing up, stuffed that in my basement {Commodore 64 worth more respect} and became Almost Amish over technology, don't trust or email or facebook, and only use VERY VERY VERY conservatively, terrified of pressing the wrong button. I think we got to have a good HARD look at what Bill Gates is up to, and who runs the commercial internet, and who owns all the routers in the world for the last 60 years.

I'm not watching TV anymore, and trust only my friends and nobody else now. I don't need any more friends to bother me with more anal retentive hand job baloney issues, and I no longer believe in GOD anymore, or loving the NANNY CATHOLIC Church inspired Bible humping state. I'm a vurgin forever, just do naughty things to myself in my own bedroom in my own house, keeping my sexuality to myself, with no one ELSE to bitch and complain to me, or manipulate me, giving me grief, and I'm DELIGHTFULLY looking forward to screaming in agony forever when I go to HELL and eternal punnishment some day for the little bit of pleasure I have left in the 3 months to 15 years I have left to live before my MC1ry BUM TICKER heart runs out and I drop DEAD and get to ride in a BEAUTIFUL BLACK HEARSE some day and get to go to the wonderful world of eternal torture forever in the afterlife!!!!!!! Joy!!!!!!! I hate "anal retentive" governments bosses/managers they are idolitors "worship" petty details claiming that these idols trump humanity
Walter Dean Rhodes of THE PURSUIT OF MORE HAPPINESS 0B1FUN AC/DC "Malcolm Young" Tribute band {music aspirations now defunct now} @WalterRhodes67 {have no idea how to use anti-social track record 800+tweets ZERO new friends}

UNCLE WDR: HON. Doug Ford, Please explain to the class what "Affordable Medicine in Ontario" is. Is that for Rich People who have all the money and pay next to nothing, or for poor people who have next to nothing and pay a fortune. And another thing I hope you'll be able to explain is whether the health system really saves lives, deals with health concerns or saves dollars.
HON. Doug Ford: Well you don't have to pay for the family doctor...
UNCLE WDR: You don't have to pay for the family doctor... that's right... But what about all the other charges, for drugs, transportation, ambulances and ESPECIALLY BLASTED PARKING at the hospital!
HON. Doug Ford: Well that doesn't cost that much, and the econony is in the doldrums right now so we have to cut costs to save the taxpayer money...
UNCLE WDR: Your words - EXPENSIVE DRUGS, EXPENSIVE TRANSPORTATION, EXPENSIVE AMBULANCES, AND EXPENSIVE PARKING, How does that benefit the taxpayer who is of modest means. Is there such thing as CHEAPER anything?
HON. Doug Ford: Well you have to earn a good income to pay for things, everyone had to pay their way, that's the conservative way. The liberals/socialists want to ruin the economy and put Ontario into debt, and pay for future bills having to have more taxes which means the economy would collapse if the taxpayer had to pay more taxes.
UNCLE WDR: A "good income"... Where on earth do I find one...
HON. Doug Ford: ER......... You can go to indeed for a recruiter....
UNCLE WDR: Yes... INDEED....My own experience was that I ended up with 1 Chairsanding job for $25,000 a year after 15 other opportunities which didn't amount to COON DIRT. Why am I avoiding any doctors at all costs, why am I being my own health care amateur instead unless I get big pains in my chess and I know I have to walk to the nearby Hospital please.
HON. Doug Ford: Why aren't you making more than $25,000 a year. Why don't you have RRSP's or investments?
UNCLE WDR: There are no other jobs out there, and I lost my RRSP's in the 1990's, Lost jobs left right and center, and my hopes of getting the "WARNER - CHAPPELL" record deal for my "Millenium Song" never matterialized not because of the enthusiastic manager who heard it, but because of the crummy economy, and Y2K concerns - NOBODY celebrated the blasted News Years ever from "Dec311999-Jan012000". I didn't get to fly second seat in an F-16 from cost to coast, even Daniel Johns of Silverchair didn't even get consideration at the opera house in Sidney Australia, and he's successful at the music business.
HON. Doug Ford: Well... There is no money in music... You got to get a better job, and if you can't get a better job than you have to go back to school.
UNCLE WDR: Ok. I got to go back to school.... Where the heck am I gonna find the time, money and the hope that this education will lead anywhere? You already killed my hopes of ever becoming a rock star.
HON. Doug Ford: Well... You got to make the time... Make the money... and get into the right school and you'll earn big.
UNCLE WDR: Ok. I've got a few years left I'm elderly, I have no money, so what do you think of Stanfart?
HON. Doug Ford: Stanford, that's a good university. It's called STAAN FORD!!! Not STANFART.
UNCLE WDR: Because STANDFART riped me off. I was up for a teaching position, and they didn't know enough to tell between monkeys and university students. They didn't even know enough to tell me what their blasted names are, or know how to tie their shoes. I walked out on them, dumped the textbook back on the evaluator's table saying "You teach them - I quit", charged them nothing, and wasted 3 days preparing for 2 hours of a pilot class, but after the first 2 minutes I stuck out after Strike 2, with the TURKEYS saying "We don't understand." I ask the TURKEYS "What don't you understand." and they said "We don't understand." Can you tell me why "IIIIEEEEE DON'T UNDERSTAND" WHAT A FREAKING UNIVERSITY MEANS and why I can't stand that blasted word, and have no confidence in the residential so called advanced school system.
HON. Doug Ford: Well you got to go to University, not teach University to get a head at a better opportunity?
UNCLE WDR: Ok.. Go to University................ How can I pay for that. University is EXPENSIVE.
HON. Doug Ford: You can use OSAP. They'll pay for it.
UNCLE WDR: Ok. It's gonna cost me $300,000 CDN to go to UNIVERSITY for 4 years, that is if I live that long........... So how am I gonna pay for it?
HON. Doug Ford: Well you pay your loan with the job you get.
UNCLE WDR: Ok. Interest at approximately 12% year will be about $38,000 a year, I need $300,000 a year to pay for the loan of $200,000. Where are these freakin $200,000 jobs??!!???
HON. Doug Ford: Well you have to go to indeed and look up $200,000 jobs.
UNCLE WDR: I have no confidence anymore about working anymore, and I'm gonna drop dead of a heart attack soon. So I'm gonna go back to chair sanding, and forget spending too much money for now on. So I'm gonna have to forget about family doctors until the economy picked up. So what are you gonna do about the crummy economy?
HON. Doug Ford: I'm gonna fix up this economy, cut back social programs, and cut taxes so spread the word and vote for us.
UNCLE WDR: Ok. I'll be sure to vote for my constituency member next election for sure. Good luck in your next win! And WAIT until land slide Doug Ford loses to the NASDAP/COMMUNIST Party.

Dear Mom and Dad:

Once again, celebrating your annual plus one day anniversary in life! I'm gonna celebrate you're birthday again this evening!

Glad you've advised me about the tempermental nature of the internet email system. I'm thanking you a ton! If I ever get that Ozzy Osborne's address I'm hoping to get some day, I'l be the envy of the rock and roll world with Iggy Pop, Mick Jagger, Jeff Beck and Eric Burden, plus twenty five other famous music people with hard ons who have been trying forever to finally get account address for more than twenty five years, because he moved out of his hugh mansion in the States after his eight kids left them, because they found out Ozzy bit the head off of a dove, and pissed on the Alamo, and all his eight kids ended up severely traumatized and ended up in a mental institution. I guess I'll have to test really hard and investigate very thoroughly enough about who ever Ozzy claimes to be; whether it's Ozzy Osborne; or another one of a hundred thousand of Ozzy Osbourne impersenators, I see all over the place.

So I'm gonna tell you right now what I'm gonna do! I'm gonna play the role of Alex Trebec of Jeopardy, and Ozzy is gonna be the real Ozzy Osborne the contestant.

Alex: The category is "Famous Rock Stars" - Can you handle it?!!

Ozzy: Yes, absolutely for sure! I got a hard on again right now for you!

Alex: Good for you... What cash amount do you want. You're the only contestant we can find today that's smart enough to do this show. If we didn't, the TV station would end up going off the air and go out of business if the network, had to put on ten tons of epizodes of Seinfelt instread.

Ozzy: Hope you get that "G" rating and and get another merit badge for your cub scout uniform, like you usually do! I'm sure the sensors are out there certain that they don't end up coming down with too many social diseases again!

Alex: Good for you - again... Here's you're legendary chance! Take it away!

Ozzy: I'll have "Famous Rock Stars" for 200 please Alex.

Alex: Why so little. Do you have a mortgage or something?

Ozzy: It's this big fat issue that all of us famous celebrity rock stars known for their legendary sexuality got stuck with; this "Walter Dean Rhodes" character of "THE PURSUIT OF MORE HAPPINESS" and got caught masturbating in his bedroom by his spying foster mother "Ross Walter" in Wallaceburg, Ontario, all the way back in 1978; He couldn't explain himself enough properly, so she tongue lashed him severely almost to death. "Rose Walter" called the Pope on him with her land line in her kitchen, and she told the pope Walter had a vinyl record collection to his name. Because of that, all seventy of us most famous sexual legands are all in deep deep shit because of this. Mick Jagger is devastated; the Pope is gonna excommunicate Mick for sure because of this thing, because he found out that this "Walter Dean Rhodes" had the two disk Stones collection anthology in his huge vinyl collection!

Alex: Hope "Walter Dean Rhodes" will be able to say ten thousand hail Mary's in time in about three or four weeks of heavy slogging, wearing out his vocal chords, to somehow finally and eventually, find favour with God, after he became bitterely and severely angered with Walter, and told him in the most certain of terms where to go and get lost and find the great big huge lineup for all of those who have souls to sell to the devil.

Alex: Here we go!!! The Date was October 17's, 1960' at 6:34PM.

Ozzy Osbourn: I can do that in my sleep! I caught a raccoon digging at the shingles of my roof causing a massive water leak, damaging the rest of the house and costing me a fortune. I trapped it, and bit the racoons head o....

A big loud BUZZER goes off!

Alex: Sorry again... You took too long to come up with the question, we only got five minutes to do the show today. You ran out of time. I guess we'll have to break for one hundred and fifty commercials for the next twenty five minutes! Were BANKRUPT now. That BANKRUPT word used to be king at seven o'clock in all the most strategic positions on the inferal Wheel of Fortune - Pat Sejak and Vanna White are gonna get shit hemorages for sure! The show's over for ever now! We'll have to appologize for pissing off all our fifty Million viewers we usually get in this usual time slot. Looks like well have to settle for infernal "Seinfeld" again for the next fifty years in this time slot. I hope my wife will graciously accept me when I pull out your picture during this time slot and wack off to it. The network executive have just handed me a note - they've got incredible news for me! I'm devastated again! The network president is absolutel furious with me for mensining on the airwaves what happened to "Walter Dean Rhodes" of "THE PURSUIT OF MORE HAPPINESS" for doing this most disturbing of things possible that cost humanity it's innocence forever when Walter was thirteen years old when he hit puberty, stroked his penis once and had his first orgasm for the very first time! I'm sorry, you blew it, because you didn't form your question in the time alloted;.but at least you got a zero, so you can take some comfort today; you didn't end up going down two hundred in the hole like most of my usual contestants get when I mensioned an exact minute in mind against the date for the answer. I don't think you're the real Ossy Osborne. But you can still have a hope and prayer of eventually proving it to me by trying hard enough. If you happen to tell me when you're next gig is, I'll at least see you're pretty face again, because I've seen it ten thousand times by now - and if I get that most familiar of hard ons I usually get from you when I see your picture again - I'll know it's you!

Ozzy Osbourne: Wonderful! Black Sabbath is playing at the Rivoli tomorrow at eight thirty sharp in Toronto, Ontario on Queen Street, on front of about thirty people, all famous people in the Toronto Music Scene, paying ten dollars a pop for two hours of our best hits. Moe Berg is tramatized and frozen solid! He heard about the Walter thing, and Walter was "THE PURSUIT OF MORE HAPPINESS" group, a knock off from the original "THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS" group that Moe is in. Moe has his dear grandmother traveling thousands of miles from her retirement home, gently helping Moe walk properly to eventually get to my show in time - Can you make it?!!?

Alex: I'll try to get two seats please and thank you! I hope I don't have to pay twenty thousand American dollars to the infernal scalper again for me and my significant other. It's gonna cost me six thousand dollars in air fare for two seats on the plane to fly all the way from Los Angeles to Pearson International Airport in Toronto, across three time zones, and take the limo to the Rivoli. I'll have to find a way to triple my income. I'll have to take the overnight red eye flight, and sleep for two hours tonight. Then, just possibly, finally, and delitefully, I'll see you at last, and if I know for sure it's you, and it is, I'll be overjoyed! I'm also hoping to finally get you're gmail account email address I've been hoping for, becauee I've been looking for it for the last thirty years, so I'm willing to put in the entire effort.

Ozzy Osbourne; Great! Hope you stiffy for me doesn't give you a heart attack. Tommy Lee is gonna get a stiffy for "Walter Dean Rhodes" tonight for sure, because he got in trouble decades later like "Walter Dean Rhodes" did because someone stole from Tommy's Lee's house, that most famous coveted porn videos back in nineteen eighty five, when Tommy got down on Pamela Anderson, and hit the right button and hit her "G" spot. The Pope got so tramatized, it wasn't put in the news. I couldn't find the best part of the video on the internet, and I checked about thirty sites, and missed the best part when he drank a gallon of white fluid that came out of her vagina and spewed it all out with a warm smile! Looks like the censors are closing in fast and furiously on the internet! Looks like we hope the infernal basketball game is on instead, because the marathon of "Big Bang Therories" on the comedy channel isn't there right now! See you later - Look forward to it!

The channel goes blank... Then one hundred and fifty soap detergent commercials at five minutes a piece play almost constantly! No wonder Mick Jagger and Keith Richard's wrote "Satisfaction" in the early nineteen sixties.

Looks like that all the hard core pornography I can think up for you today for both of you. Hope you aren't disappointed in me like the real Ozzy Osbourn, and all his legendary friends are because of the deep deep shit situation. I'm gonna put this email to you on my website for sure the minute I finish my album, and put together the "PURSUIT OF MORE HAPPINESS" I'll probably get a redgestered letter from Mickael J. Fox, Micael Palen and Mike Myers now telling me in the most substantial and severe of terms that I ended up stealing the idea from all of them for you're wonderful entertainment for this evening, for three million dollars a piece, wiping me out financially for the next three million millinia. Hope you didn't have to watch the infernal basketball game, or Seinfield episodes instead! I'm sure there's ten thousand grade nine students from high school with plackards screeming for Ren and Stimpy instead of the infernal basketball game. Thinking of both of you's in my prayers.


God Bless. Love forever Walter.

Dear Mom and Dad:

I got a wonderful feeling about you sharing your history with me. I was curious. I had to figure out why. I had to think about why this is the case.
It must be one of my survival instincts that make it so pleasurable. Human beings are ultimately designed to bear children, as many children as possible. Otherwise, human beings would have become extinct long ago. It takes a lot of resources to raise children. So you have to have a big family, as many people together cooperating together to achieve such a feat. So hearing that you have a lot of people in your family makes it easier to imagine it realistically possible one could expect to survive.
I was given another massive, pleasurable intellectual assignment, you gave me last time when I called. You mentioned to me about "Choo Choo Twain", and changed it to "Choo Choo Train." You told me it was very funny. I couldn't figure it out why I couldn't appreciate it. But you kept on repeating it. You must of mentioned it three times and you still seemed extremely suprised why I wasn't laughing. I was curious. I had to investigate.
I had to figure out why people laugh. I had to find out about all the design details of laughter. I had to revisit the times I remembered that I experienced laughter. It took two hours to do, enough to find a big enough body of information, enough to lead to some half decent productivity. But I was completely lost for another two hours.
It eventually hit me! I watched Big Bang Theory recently again. Sheldon said, that the bartender said "Why the long face", and it was a horse, and saw the others not laughing. I saw a coincidence! Horses have long faces. There are twenty million of them on farms all over the world. It's not hard to come up with a picture of a horse. They couldn't get it ether, and Sheldon seemed absolutely perplexed, and kept repeated the sentence over and over again, and still couldn't result in laughter. The audience audio track, registers it, as extremely funny, so much, that my speakers on the T.V. are almost exploding. I was again curious. I had to do some more investigating. It took another thirty minutes more. If it wasn't for the good fortune of seeing this one epizode, and they have ten thousand of them, picked at random, the epizodes are out of sequence, I'd still be in the dark. I'm using one hundred percent of my brain power, so much, that I'm missing the rest of my entertainment for the evening.
I had to focus on the neuron, the basic building block of brainpower. It is a complicated piece of biological technology capable of very complex information processing capability passing through them, and the more information that passes through it, the better the experience. If little or no information passes through it, it's potentially dangerous. If the neuron is silent, and if it's connected to a vital area, you end up dying. You can't feel anything, if there's no signal to experience, or if it's happens to be a very small signal. So the subtile change you made in your sentence barely registers. You changed only one word.
There are billions of neurons in the typical human brain, all communicating complex patterns to each other. It happens to me all the time every second of every day. It slows down a bit at night during sleep, so that the chemicals in my brain that lead to important biological functions can be replenished. It is the ultimate, miniture, creative social network. It's no wonder I'm having such a good time almost all the time, because almost all of my neurons are now firing hugely, all at once.
It explains why everything I do gives me pleasure. My favourate music is the more complex sound wave forms. It's hard to do. Few musical instruments are capable of living up to it. But the guitar is one of the most suitable of devices. You can hit any note or chord, in any key imaginable, and you can get multiple factors, rhythm, timing, spectral frequencies, and beat frequencies, a maximum signal, which can lead to the better of pleasures. I still wasn't finished investigating. I'm missing Big Bang theory some more. This has been the biggest interesting exercizes, I've faced recently which is taxing my brain severely. I had to discover the last time I had laughed so many times, so much, that I would happen to set a new world record that day, for human beings laughing their bags off in a given day.
Two and a half weeks later, I saw a basketball game, the most ridiculous sport ever conceived. I used the retarded word two thousand times that night, when I managed to see all two and an half hours of it. I could have used the same brain power, to serve civilization instead, which would have ended up rescuing billions of underpriveleged people from their miserable situations in the eight and a half hours I invested in the exercize you gave me.
It was the Raptors and the Nicks together done in a huge venue, which cost as much as all the resources of about ninety percent of the world. Again the retarded word!
All these basketball players make at least eight million dollars a year each, and they can't do their jobs. It is a very simple thing to put the ball through the hoop to score points, and the team that scores the most points wins. Absolutely ridiculous! It's no wonder my neurons are receiving such a big signal, so much, that they're almost all burning out.
They throw the ball two feet, and they still miss. There's the retarded word again! I laugh again! My brain is being hit by ten sledgehammers! All the players have tried to score from anywhere from two to five feet, and they've missed twenty times, and the scoreboard hasn't changed in twenty minutes. Again the retarded world! They aren't making any progress what so ever! Even a two year old child can score at that distance at least half the time. The infants can score about one hundred percent of the time, if the ball wasn't so heavy, that it makes it harder on them, for their tiny hand to make a stable delivery. The retarded word strikes again!
They dance around the court totally at random, a mile away from the basket, where they have no hope in hell of ever scoring. They only get a bit closer just about the time the shot clock runs out, and they end up running out of time, and the ball goes to the opposing side. They can't even apply a half decent strategy, and they are expected to be experts at the game. Again the retarded word!
About half of North Americans, about a quarter billion people, identify the game as their favourate entertainment, the biggest inspiration ever in their lives. It has a huge worldwide following. Again the retarded word! After the game was over, I stopped laughing, and hadn't for weeks. I thought I lost the laughing bug forever. I was being denied. I was perplexed. I had to do some more investigating.
Two weeks later, I was laughing again! It was the time I rediscovered the Big Bang Theory on the Comedy channel, something I've seen before, two decades ago. I normally watch hockey in that time slot. Hockey wasn't on at the time, so I had to pick another channel to find entertainment. Sheldon, who was expected to be very intelligent, kept getting lost every time he experienced even the tiniest of obstacles. I was using the retarded word again! Every time I saw something ridiculous, I would laugh my bag off! I set a new world record for laughter that day.
Comedy rarely registers, if you see the same episode more than once, even if it's has the funniest of content. The neuron strikes again! You get no signal, if you've already seen it before, and you experience it again. The mind does a huge subtraction on the huge amount of real estate in the brain that registers the experience, and ends up getting a zero. That's the only way human beings inside their brains, can tell if they've experienced something before, when it matches the experience. It's a computer term, courtesy of my background in computers. I've finally found out what it was that I found to be so absolutely funny, and why I couldn't figure out why your joke wasn't making me laugh.

Thinking of you forever in my prayers.

God Bless. Love Walter.

Dear Mom and Dad:

Looking forward to giving you some more entertainment There is about a 0.00001% chance of someone out there willing to listen to this. If not, than I'll have the perfect excuse to God that I wasn't able to live up to the responcibility I had to deal with the problems, because the 1% of economic terrorist were just too brutal. It's the 1% of the economic terrorist who will have to explain themselves why they ruined it.
Dear any member of mankind. This is the last time I'm gonna speak to anyone.
Mankind is sunk. In a few years, about six, the ecology will collapse, and the whole ecosystem will go down the toilet. I'm just gonna enjoy my TV set for now on, and go to places where I can enjoy a social life, before I too will die.
In a million years, an advanced civilization will discover a planet with water but no atmosphere. It will have the right ingredients for life to happen. So the advanced civilation will travel to this planet, and the first thing they'll see is all these empty buildings all over the place. How did these things happen? Human beings built these things. Let's study them…
Here's one, very interesting! This is gonna make front page news back home! They all had 3.5 pounds of neurons like we do. Their beautiful people, innovative, intelligent. We got to figure out why there is none of them are around anymore. They have a mass media. We've got one of those. Here's the building, lets pop in their and find out. It's in digital! We've got that back home, everything has been preserved. They had languages, an advanced educational system, mathematics, computer technology, movies, music, litterature, cable and radio picture television. They even have an internet! Just as good as we've got back home. It's not only an intelligent life form, but a creative one as well, just like up! They even had animals, plants and environment like we do. It's just as beautiful as what we got back home. I can't believe nothing is left. It might have taken a few years to study their language, but they would have made an ideal system to include in our political organization of collection of intelligent planets. So why is this planet is just a desert with no atmosphere. Here is the last date here. September 12th, 2026, they had a way of organzing time and dates, we have that at home, we've got that innovation at home, helps us have some idea of what happened with out history. Today is Moze'reyia 13th, 200230 in our time. What happened. Nothing...
Lets' look at another date, it's September 10th, 2026. Human beings are fighting to breath. It raises questions about why there is no atmosphere on this planet. They said there was too much CO2 emissions which raised worldwide temperatures which causes single celled organizms to die, just about this last date.
Let's look at more dates. Here's one, it's August 5th, 2026. Theirs is a bunch of human beings with signs, looks like their talking, and people with body armour are carting them away. This is serious, where they responcable for the collapse, the people who halled them away all had guns. We've got a police force with guns when it comes to life and death matters. It looks like their protestors, we've got this back home, when it comes to serius causes. We've got this problem too. The people in charge didn't listen, and we lost a billion people to our most recent ecological problem.
Let's look at the political system they have here! Three levels of government. They debate legislation. It's just as good as we have back home. But nothing at all was done about the collapse of the ecosystem, and they knew all about the problem. So it wasn't their fault. We don't understand their language, yet. So we've got to visit the problem we had, we've survived, only just barely, and a billion people's died, and about 30% of our animals were lost. They lose everything.
Here's another date, it's March 30th, 2023. It shows skinny people standing at the side of the road, begging for money. Looks like they are starving and suffering, and no one is helping them. We've got homeless people too. We've got a brutal economy too, and theirs is 1% of the population that own everything that impose themselves on helpless people. We've got to study the economic system too.
They have a stock market, they pooled their limited resources to build companies. They had mass production here as well. They have a tax system, a way of redistrubuting wealth to pay for things not part of the economy. What happened...
Well the 1% too full advantage over their massive wealth, there was at least 10% of people benefiting from the economy, and lost everything because the 1% had the most resources, all the money. And those people ended up losing their houses. We've got this problem too, only 1% of people are benefiting from our economy. We've got to look at one of these houses…
Heres' one. They had families, a way of propagating the species, we've got this at home. So this situation was tollerated, because we gave our families a hard time, and we lost another billion people because the 1% of those that had everting imposed themselves on the family unit, causing massive amounts of distress.
Here's another one. There are all kinds of appartment buildings too, all owned by the 1%, they' got multiple floors, let's look at one of the units. Barely enough space for four people in a typical family. We tore these places down decades ago to make room for proper housing, because the lack of space was distressing people, but it took years of political effort because the 1% was imposing themselves on the government. These tiny appartments were more expensive than those who had proper accomodations, that is if they paid their mortgages, which made proper accomodation only 20% more expensive than these tiny appartments. They had endentured slavery here, the companies were run by the 1% who imposed themselves on helpless people. No wonder nothing was done, these people were so distressed, they couldn't function intellectually. They've got emotions like we do, if we experience too much distress, our brains would break down too.
I'm a bit scared right now, because we have the same system at home, so we've got to keep this whole thing a secret now, because if the 1% find out, because it's a challenge to their comfortable situation, they'll stop at nothing to keep their priveledged positions in society. We're gonna have to say that we encountered a planet with fresh water, but just a few artifacts, where there will have to be more study, which will be the perfect excuse to take home the creative movies, music and litterature, so we can eventually get permission, if we get rid of the 1% that impose themselves, to get licence to put on the air so we can entertain and enjoy ourselves, which will help us advance, because if we get rid of the 1%, we'll survive. I'm scared that if nothing is done, we too will be doomed to failure.
There is only one hope we have. 99% of people can overpower the 1%. The 1% all have bigger accomodations, and aren't hard to find. We can't count on our goverments either because the 1% impose themselves so much. We estimate there's six years left before our ecology breaks down as well, and there will be another empty baren planet with no atmosphere with fresh water. Six years is more than enough time. But we've got so many distressed people, we're sunk too, because they can't overpower the 1% either.
I can't believe any advanced civilization can last only a few million years, after billions of years of evalution, before 1% of the population hoggs everything and the whole eco system collapses. Is there such thing as a more advance civilization that can overcume the 1% situation…. Nothing...

I unfortunately voted for the basturds, the economy was the shits then, and there was no alternative riding I could have voted for, the Mike Harris Concervative riding member that Richard Critchley, and I went to my riding costituency office at Morningside Mall, they even had Mike Harris's riding sign, and got both Richard and I to spend 16j hours waiting around the ballet box in case the N.D.P. were gonna crash the ballet boxes and stuff them full of N.D.P. Votes.
After the landslide results came through, both Richard and I were overjoyed that we wern't gonna lose our shirts, and lose the house. I had a 45" vinyl record playing the Ontario Pavilion Theme Song "This is the place to Stand... And a Place to grow!!!" with a voice track on side A seven times, and flipped it and heard the orchestration for another seven times. That was a warm and fuzzy thing back in the seventies where Ontario Place would have a display, where you get to wait in anticipation before it would open up. I had that 45" singly when I got my lucky break at the C.N.E. grounds and had a clear plastic bag full of stuff I won at fishing place where you would always win something for 50 cents. I went on the Flyer, and got careless, and lost the whole bag, with someone looking all over the grass, but not finding it. I managed to find one in the mid 1990 where I went to thrift stores, and found another 45" in mint condition. So I thought I was in a very good mood after election day.
I was in downtown Toronto trying to get a job as a C/C++ programmer in an office building, spiffy with a suit and tie, with a briefase. I see the Ontario Legislature, a warm and fussy, something I kept seeing on my Rush Vinyl Albums, I love Ontario, and I planned to meet my constituency member and hoped to celebrate the election results!!!
So I pop in to the Legislative Building with a smile on my face, hoping to give my constituency member a high five, and maybe a beer after. The situation stalled hard!!! There was a fat ugly person who looked like an O.P.P. officer, with a pale blue shirt and a gun guarding the legislature, not Cam Wolly who is a warm and fuzzy for CP24 every morning, a real paramilitary O.P.P. blocking the way to my constituency member, and he wasn't in a joking mood, he seemed bothered by something.
Somehow God told me at that moment, like my life was in so much danger, that he stopped helping children in China getting fed and briefed me with in 5 seconds at that time to slowly and carefully change my expression from a warm to a neutral expression like I had accidently walked into East Germany past check point charley with the barbed wire fenses and machine guns perpetually looking for people to waste if they ever crossed that white line.
Another five seconds God told me to go to a bunch of pictures of the history of the legislature, and make it look like a tourist. The officer from what ever force he was on, would suspect that you had a bomb in your brief case, and you'll won't have to be hauled in to prison. At last I found security again, I walked to the location to all the pretty pictures, and I found a warm and fuzzy again in my life.
I thought the coast was clear. In 5 seconds, I was in trouble again. The big fat man with the light blue shirt and the gun came to me and said, "What Business are you up for!!!" in a contemtuous voice. God then urgently told me to apply another alternative strategy, and in seven seconds God told me to say "I was looking around" in the style that Mathiew Broaderick said in the [CPE1704TKS] War Games Movie when he cleaverly excaped detention, escaped the N.O.R.A.D. Mountain, to get his seat past security in the school bus hoping to get John Wood to help him return to the mountain to stop the Global Thermonuclear War from happining saving everyone's planet wide seats from extinction [Bill Gatez Microbrain WIN 10/64 THE SHITS NORAD/FBI Friendly CAN/US relations might end soon.]. I walked out like I would a teenager trying to win an Academy Award to save my skin, and as soon as I got out of eyeshot of the man in the blue shirt and black pants with the gun, I ran as fast as I could to the next subway station to get my seat back home to safety.

{SOCIALLY IRRESPONCABILITY is good for you, not BAD!!!}

Was I the one who almost killed SANTA CLAUSE:

My brain is figting hard right now to type eveyr word. I've got a throbing headache, though fortunatelt not severe and not on one side which would indicate a stroke. If my headache was 10% worse, I would have walked three miles to the nearby hospital to get hospital help. I was told yesturday by the people that "You're account is suspended" after entering a @handle. I immediately ckicked the close button, hit the chrome icon, entered t and up popped the warm and fussy screen, indicateing that you've got a social life again!!! Wonderful my account isn't suspenced after all, after becomng friends with 300+ famous rock stars ov3ernight. So I thought the twitter police, like the dream police were being funny. So I have to fugure out why I feel so bad. There was a big gang fight shootout withing 0,3 km near the closest intersection on the news, with a camera at the investigative scene. That's probably it, but the criminal element has always been a problem since I've come back to Tooronto in what I had hoped to be a safe haven was Scarborough, otherwise I would have been smart enough to abandon the idea of going to college, went back to having a carreer in drinving 18 wheel truck, putting up with handbalming on the loading for 7 years until Erb Transjport of New Hamburg could afford to hire me, because insurance is very expensive if you're too young, and then would have married my highschool sweethearts either Shade, Campbell, or McKraken and lived happily every ever in Milverton. Now Scarborough is just as bad a down town Toronto. AND there is heavy fines for violating thew social issolation rule. That means organized crime don't have to follow the social isolation rule. I can't believe how often I have to press the delete key typing this article, my mind is screwed up. It's ordinary people who have to be socially irresponcible, not the criminal element. I'm gonna miss my appointment to donate blood today at 1:30PM because the bus stop is right at the intersecton where the disaster happened. I'll wait for the blood people to call me before I tell them about the criminal element, and rescedule it at a later time. Every time I was not in toronto, with the exeption of this neighbourhood, people would bend over backwards to help others. Hopefuly I'll find someone in the R&R world a gift of with a car who might want to help me get to my next blood donation clinik. After three hours I still feel bad.
I killed a PDP system by MOUNTING DK2: SYSPAK STUDNT2 at the wrong time ending op in losing the work of several dozen students. I wasn't given the proper warning to avoid the disaster.
Mr. Orenchuk would have given me a months detentions if I couldn't offer a reasonable explaination. The UNIX operating system is nutouriously goofy. If you type [run'] and was careless because you hit the ' character right next to the big enter key, giving you the message, "Can't find file or account - Program lost - Sorry." That only happened to me once, because I had to type my assignment in basic all over again.
Now here is the scene that is bothering me so bad.
Mr. Orenchuk a teacher at Stratforand I were good friends, and every once in a while the SYSPAC would jhave to be changed because the limited space on the changeable mounted disks would make the most out of the system.
The terminal I was on was not in the same room as the server. So Mr. Orenchuk would tell me to DISMOUNT DK2: and wait for the system to organize itself for about two minutes or three indicating it was safe to pull out the mountable hard disk and get the Ready message indicating that the coast is clear.
But this time for some reason, the system took longer. When the system takes longer than 2 minutes, a [carrage return] would indicate that the system was still busy in organizing itself. After another 2 minutes, another [carrage return] far longer than the custumary orgainzating effort, giving me the impression that is was just a terminal fault that the terminal skipped the Ready ascii codes, and only scored the [carrage return] giving me the licence to give Mr. Orenchuk the thumbs up where he would remove the [safe to remove] fixed disk, and replace it with the [next disk]. But the system indicated that it was lost beyond hope, a disaster.
After explaining myself, I only used the PDP 11 for my assignments and nothing else. I started using my Atari 600XL shortly after.
So I'm hoping that the nice twitter police were joking about the "You're account is suspended" message, because otherwise I'd think the twitter programmers were refuges from the "747 Max 8 Brain Deficit program" where 600 people lost their lives when two planes stalled in air, because the programmer monkeys couldn't do their jobs.
I'm no longer clicking on the Friend button, because I hit the 400 upper limit, and thoufght I won $50MuIion in the 649. I've got all friends I need already, and will use these social contacts to contact the others, because you don't have to be friends with someone in order to talk to them. I can have up to 5000 friends, but I don't want to feel bad anymore.
AND I'm no longer gonna type a '@' before anyword anymore. The only special character I'll ever dare to put first will be a '#' hashtag and if the twitter system tell me that my account is suspended, I'll forget about using
I can almost see the black great Big happy BIG hearse waiting for me with the driver looking at his watch indicating that it's a bigger priority that I drop dead soon enough so he/she would avoid getting a parking ticket, a bigger priorty in the City of Toronto, than cleaning up the criminal element that now contaminated Scarborough.
I'm gonna wait till the sixth of April before I use again.

{Twitter can help you cope with the COVID-19 Social Isolation bug}

Dear Mom and Dad:

Hopefully the cuntservatives might find some racoon's to push into the factories to serve their interests. The busses are nutoriously sardine can sized just big enough for 12 racoons, or 16 squirrels.
Twitter is fun, felt like I won $50M dollars last night from the 649 for FREE, the perfect adventure to being cooped up at home in social isolation. You can follow anyone and tweet them as well and give them the business also. You don't need to be the president with the authority to use twitter. Only people looking for recognition, or hoping to make money with twitter, are worried about having priveledged access, expecting a responce. You can call youself @WalterSr put up your picture and then tweet till you're hearts content. There is about four options on the bottom of the screen. The first one is one I'm still in the dark on, just a cloud with the number of clouds, whatever that means. I don't want to alert the twitter police to think I'm inflicting a social disease on humanity, so I conveniently ignore the first one. You just click the second one, just a circular box with arrows on it, just click that one, and you get to leave a warm and fussy MESSAGE, you're choosing to the person you're seeing on the screen.
Just go to, and it will let you know how to get started, and once you get the warm and fussy twitter screen, you can touch the world and leave warm and fuzzy messages all over the place. And if you find out you're not finding the right people to tweet, you can conveniently search for either text like, or '#' hashtags which will help you organize your reasearch your world like #rockstars, and just like, that will conveniently tell you what rock star '#' hashtags are frequently used. Those who know how to use twitter have the power of Q.
I tweeted "Doug Ford", the only one I didn't friend saying "HON. ONTARIO PREMIER - You should be proud of yourself!!! I think the HARRIS government is BRILLIANT. Raccoons really know how to run the economy!!!" with a big happy face with it.
I tweeted "Donald Trump" saying "You're the MASTER of Twitter - I have a computer background, and I took me 3 years to figure it out!!!" about 7 happy faces with it.
My favourite tweet victim was Moe Berg himself of TPOH, I not only got to tell him about our situation together 22 years ago, but found that he too was a blabbermouth piece like I am. After about 5 tweets, my favourite to Moe's "I can't believe people can't wipe themselves with toilet tissue with empty shelves" and I couldn't help but tweet, "I used one square of tissue for my COCONUT college diploma and one for my teaching certificate, because COCONUT college needed a teaching cerficate" so they fired me. I'm gonna have to use 22 paper towels to wipe my bum.
Twitter is still goofy telling me that I've made "civil violations" because I'm a threat to national security because having so many famous friends is very powerful, but I know that it's a robot talking, and I just click the close button, and start the thing again, and the robot get's confused and let's me back in to tweet some more. The twitter police have told me that I have 3 days of tweeting before they close my account, and I just laugh out loud saying I've got a web site with some traffic, because I'm getting twitter traffic with friends ordinary people, that pop up on an empty space on the right hand corner, expecially AC/DC fans, who are interested in talking to me as well, because they are already visiting my website and without twitter, the website will still get traffic. Then I'll use my other computer something Frank Cserni left me, and get back on twitter, telling them I'm Edward Pass, with the same picture of @WalterRhodes67, and this time I won't be over doing the friend count, and I'll get to tweet indefinately, and If I get denied, than Jeff Palmer will be the next twitter hero. My will get the traffic anyway.
Having all these promising social contact have made me realise that I was a ROCK STAR all along. I popped open my yearbooks, and though I though I was gay, because I had hardons for all the girls AND THE GUYS but that was my instincts speaking, hoping to join in on a collaborative effort WITH MY MALE FRIENDS, because it's very difficult to meet girls and score them, so it often takes two at a time, and thus a HARDON, I realised all my friends were all potential ROCK STAR matterial, with girls coming out of the yin yang, with my favourate girls, THREE of them "Signing my Yearbook" I was always in desparate fear of the bolony bible belt police and often dismissing the STUDLEY title by walking out on people when they said it, but I couldn't help but hearing them laughing about this. I've got MALE friends "Signing my Yearbook" with hard evidence endorcing me as a SUPER STUD. So I realised not only after scoring the "Reach out and touch the famous ROCK STARS" about 300 out of 100 more ordinary people, where the upper limit is 5000, and I've got more than 50 trusted, creative power people all of them pretty and presentable, "I'M GAY FOR SURE!!! coming out of the closet. The heterosexual closet."
You've got to keep going to my site every day, because I update it regularly. The first page has all the hyperlinks to reach the most presentable parts of the internet, AND OUR [legacy] link all about OSSY OSBOURN, BASKETBALL FAILURE, ECOLOGICAL DISASTER, and a few other interesting details that might be interesting for the newspapers to find out.
Happy tweeting - Continue to spread some more HAPPINESS into the world till you're hearts delight!!! You too can get $50Million dollars to your savings account too, to buy some more tiolet tissue.
Walter Dean Rhodes - AC/DC Malcolm Young OB1 Fun Triblute band - THE PURSUIT OF MORE HAPPINESS!!!