Please give to charity { makes it hard to find charities on the internet} if you can. Poverty in Toronto is VERY VERY VERY bad.
Just in: I'm being sued by Chris Gardiner of TPOH for $17,400,000 for using the name TPO[M]H, and for having a folder on my neocities page OBVIOUSLY A JEW/HEEBE, And WARNER $345,700,000 US, AND UNIVERSAL $345,700,010 US, SONY $170,678,000CDN, EMI $14,000,000 FOR saying bad things about Japanese people well known for their Cruel Prisoner of War Effort. Neil Young also told me to "Drop Dead", {thankfully didn't sue me} because I had a folder on my neocities site. {Probably a maggot manager JEW/HEBE impersonating Neil Young - Deleted it right away - must of thought I was a terrorist when back in 1996 I gave them a email hoping to help them - CSNY is definately a JEW/HEBE site with David Crosby alway having a gun on him - If it were up to me - I would have given up on music - I thought these guys were pacificists for pete sakes - and would have put down guns, for peace.} I was expecting to be sued out of existance because the music business is in the dumpster right now, so I'm looking forward to my day in court, the legal one, the moral one, and the court of public opinion!!!!!! Joy!!!!! And, I'm being gifted by another lawsuit for $10,000,000 from Burger King, another SHIT place nobody goes to in the neighbourhood, for saying that "General Barrenger threw the Whopper Computer on the floor right on top of the Shield of North America." No wonder Michael J. Fox, and Mike Myers are hiding. Humour is against the law for St. Peter's sakes!!!!!!!
Anyone who comes to the house I don't know, doesn't understand the English language "No solicitors or peddlers" sign, or can't trust, or isn't Cam Wolly of CP24, therefore is a MONSTER/CRIMINAL: Therefore, that will make me say, "You're an Idolitor and a jew!" {End of story!!!!!!!} Fauzy of Libya; fellow border for Centennial College; Who already knew I was almost AMISH {New Order Mennonite} in EVIL JEWISH TORONTO; who gave me a Green English Qu'ran to read someday; is probably right to distrust all westerners: Especially the 1% Evil Elite infidels!!!!!!! I'm corrupted by my twisted landlord, and have to change some mellinium, or i'll become twisted too, and lose even more friends.
This world is TOO EVIL to understand anymore, I'm not a machine, Infidels criminals and JEWS/HEBES rip off's are everywhere, loved/worshiped by governments and unescapable/unavoidable no matter what. I've given up on eating for now on; the evil elite 1% pig out; having a human stomach makes me feel bad, and therefore is EVIL, rock and roll "Egotisitcal Maniak" lifestyle is EVIL, devil's music is EVIL, beer drinking is EVIL, especially MASTERBATION and everytime I get a stiffy, is EVIL evertime, and STATUATORY RAPE with 5 Billion People because i'm 12,000 miles away from them on this EVIL asexual EARTH, and thinking for myself is DEFINATELY EVIL, all the "graven images" I have in my brain, on my walls, in parks, churches, or cities are ALL EVIL. When rules and regulations trump human values, that's idoltary for pete sakes, and definately EVIL. So following petty anal retentive asexual values is DEFINATELY EVIL.
I'm hoping you've be able to decide for yourself whether the 1% evil elite is worth worshiping or bowing down prostrate for is worth it. I have $7,286.23 in my {STAR TREK BANK} account, but I'm not allowed to USE IT, because the CANADIAN IMPERIAL {STORMTROOPER} BANK of COMMERCE is the only APPROVED INSTITUTION {explain why my good BNS VISA Card was accepted by and and then a day later rejected} I'm now AMISH, and think EVERYTHING FINANCIALLY RELATIED including the QUEEN on the $20 bill, is unfortunately EVIL TOO. If I had a family to support, I'd be forced at GUNPOINT to seek EXPENSIVE EVIL counceling before choosing the less painful option of the classic "Badfinger" example {monkeys were hired to distribute 1,879,343 Pounds Sterline and 19Pense Royalties (Sir Paul McCartney BILLIONAIRE JEW/HEEBE, owner of APPLE RECORDS is EVIL)} and forget about the aggrivation of living anymore {Two songwriters for Badfinger hung themselves, sacrificed themselves so their children could survive in foster homes}. Who else wants to worship/love/hump/be friends with the pedophile/petty/anal retentive/asexual 1% EVIL ELITE? Just ask 700 MUSLIM Plane crash victims from "Ethiopia" who died for no good reason, because of the Boing 737 MAX 8 designed flight control system, why they aren't visiting relatives for EID?

Looks like I'm in my End of Life - RETIREMENT phase in life, going to HELL in a handbasket in 3 months to 15 years, because of VERMIN AND INFIDELS. I've had too much fun in life, Patric Steward's example adversarial adventurous life can defeat the power of Q, JUDGING HUMANITY FARPOINT, "If you really want to charge us with crimes against humanity is to TEST US {youtube lost this video for some reason}" and see if we really are up for crimes agains humanity. {If there isn't any hope of being able to live up to, cope with the mental anguish of an unfair system, without GOD, or the closest equivelent of a "moral authority", if that chance to be TESTED {fair trial or soul searching} than humanity will be lost soon , and there is no hope anymore of living. Thank @RealQueue I've got the Bum Ticker gene, and will suffer no more anyway, entertain myself, be my own friend myself, {keep my TV off so I don't have to see anyone suffer, and I'll get to suffer in the afterlife!!! Tee Hee Tee Hee and enjoy myself getting tortured for eternity!!!}. There is probably a @RealQueue, a hidden enemy of humanity.} FINAL APPEAL but HISTORY OF STAR TREK STAR FLEET GALACTIC SPACE COMMAND USS_68 NCC-1702-0-E CAPT: Jean Juke Pickard ADVENTURE still has to answer to the continum some day "This cruel but loved/respected anal retentive Impossible to please Legal System" I'm creative like Picard OPPOSING A "Q" CHARACTER, but I'm a liberal {JFK Camalot}, not conservative con-non-me {Medieval times 4 dead in OHIO Nixon's Domain} AND {BORG "anal technology" VICTIM {hopefully judges will exist in 2020+ that know better when they've heard enough anal retentiveness who waked out and saved Pickard's _ss} {"Stuck with technology career instead of truck driving career {needed to be 25 years old to excape loading dock} that I prefered - I hated anal retentive Toronto back in 1980", because I knew it was corrupt beyond hope, a price creative people "like Pickard" have to keep paying for as long as corrupt civilization {STAR TREK POST NUCLEOR WWIII HORROR 2020-2023} continues} BORG - Resistance is futile } {and that scares me shitless, it's impossible to see GOD}, so I'll probably be grateful to be screaming in agony forever tortured by the hand of a "Scary Person" for infinity asking for mercy why I didn't get to suffer like everybody else had to in the endentured-slavery misery, inspired by the Phareo Great Pyramid Slave Driver " KING TUT". It's about 1,440 years of "Black - non awareness" for 4.2 Quadrillion years left in the Universe of my AC/DC inspired song "Cruelty of life - Remember Malcome Forever", where I'll have to explain myself {judgement day} why I choose creativity {Star Trek World} and not the "jungle" {anti-social anal retentive brutal cruel animal kingdom} that everybody on "tera-firma" Earth prefers because they all know better who the real GOD is.
All MUSICIANS and CREATIVE people {worth mentioning} HATE!, HATE!, HATE JEWS with a passion... Sexual repression! {Asexual reproduction}, anal retentive people {FRUIT01, FRUIT02, FRUIT03, ... , FRUITzz!} and the precious NANNY STATE treat 19+ Adults like CHILDREN}. It's all because of those JERKS who think they know everything about EVERYTHING, BUT really "Don't know their ASSES from a hole in the ground" {the Idiot's guide to Ivy League Schools {No interest in the humanities - only endentured master/slave relationships} } and the Precious tiera obsessed Country club which robs JOBS, FRIENDSHIPS, and CREATIVE MUSIC GIG AND CONCERT OPPORTUNITIES from the people who HOG all the resources! {The 1% Evil Elite}. I'm hoping to keep my TV off for another month, hoping to not see these basketball fag foul fetishes {TORONTO MUNICIPAL, AND ONTARIO PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENTS} INFLICTING SOCIOLOGICAL humanitarian DAMMAGE to distressing helpless people who buy the NICE records, go to the NICE gigs, and want to see their favourite NICE NICE NICE musicians backstage without having their NICE fans have to go through NICE security hoping one of these faithful fans don't have a NICE GUN, and turn ME into another NICE DEAD ROCK STAR, and making me want to decide to go into the music closet, LIVE, and not DIE!!! This 00100 ANAL RETENTIVE RULED WORLD DOESN'T RANK AS A LIFEFORM!!!!!!!

So I'm using this COVID-19 VIRUS GROUNDED time to writing new songs, studying other music artists online, and practising my guitar skills, so I don't sing out of tune and have everyone stand up and walk out on me, and I'll try to sing in key, for later productive use, before I begin my music social life, and RUIN MY MUCUS CAREER!!!
J'utilise ce temps COVID-19 VIRUS GROUNDED pour e{/}crire de nouvelles chansons. J'e{/}tudie d'autres artistes de musique en ligne et je pratique mes compe{/}tences en guitare, donc je ne chante pas faux. J'espe{\}re que tout le monde ne se le{\}vera pas et ne me quittera pas, alors j'essaierai de chanter avec la bonne cle{/}. J'espe{\}re faire la musique correctement pour une utilisation productive ulte{/}rieure, ET commencer la vie sociale de la musique, et j'espe{\}re ne pas RUINER MA CARRE{\}RE MUCUS !!!
Microbrain {Microsoft} n'appre{/}cie pas les franc{c}ais du Que{/}bec, donc mes accents doivent e{^}tre des codes spe{/}ciaux comme ceux-ci. Les accents sont "ce{/}dille" {c}, "aigu" {/}, "circonflexe" {^}, "Grave" {\} ET "tre{/}ma" {:} S'IL VOUS PLAI{^}T!!!

The Best kept SECRET of Commercial Jet Travel!!! {BOEING 707: My first Able Bodied Sea Cadet to Summer Base {1 Week} Cornwallis NS {Ottawa to Halifax}!!! You'd arrive at the start of the runway, after taxing, and then you'd STOP... THEN {for the very first time for me!!!} the engines would SCREAM AT FULL FURY!!! AND then you'd release the brakes, AND your plane would delightfully go from walking speed to INSANITY SPEED!!! AND you'd think your engines at MAXIMUM THRUST would fly apart at the seems!!! AND you'd REALISE!!! You'd be EXPERIENCING the BIGGEST LOVE of your LIFE as a EAGLE/ANGEL!!!!!!! I always had dreams about "Learning how to Fly - Blackbird" Sir Paul McCartney!!!
Le SECRET le Mieux Garde{/} des Voyages en Jet Commercial !!! {BOEING 707: Mon Premier Cadet de la Marine Valide a{\} la Base d'e{/}te{/} {1 semaine} Cornwallis NS {Ottawa √† Halifax}!!! Vous arriveriez au de{/}but de la piste, apre{\}s avoir taxe{/}, puis vous vous ARRE{^}TERIEZ ... ALORS {pour la toute premie{\}re fois pour moi !!!} les moteurs CRIERAIENT A{\} FULL FURY!!! ET puis vous rela{^}cheriez les freins, ET votre avion passerait de{/}licieusement de la vitesse de marche a{\} la VITESSE D'INSANITE{/} !!! ET vous penseriez que vos moteurs a{\} MAXIMUM THRUST voleraient en e{/}clats a{\} l'apparence!!! ET vous R√ČALISERIEZ, vous EXPERIENCIEREZ LE PLUS GRAND AMOUR de votre VIE en tant qu'AIGLE/ANGEL!!!!!!! J'ai toujours re{^}ve{/} " Apprendre a{\} voler - Blackbird" Sir Paul McCartney!!!

"JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR" the ultimate Musical, watched it with my father 12 tunes in the Cenema/Movie theatre in 1973 in Etobicoke, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

"Leaving on a Jet Plane" Also " "Sunshine on my Shoulders" "feeling the WARM GLOW of the sun/environment on MY SHOULDERS, a nostalgic look back to the vintage good old times back in Thunder Bay where I was born {1966-1972} Definately worthwhile NICE HAPPY entertainment for you. AND ESPECIALLY: "Thank GOD I'm a Country Boy!!!"

" , "WHEN I WAS YOUNG!!!" AND "SAN FRANCISCAN NIGHTS!!!" Eric Burdon of the Animals is the gold standard in not only vocal work, but warm and fuzzy orchestrations that show hospitality with a capital "H!!!" See also Sir Paul McCartney's Wings "Mull of Kintire!!!" AND please NEVER FORGET "Rememberance Day!!!" By Bryan Adams.

"EIGHT MILES HIGH"!!! BYRDS with "Chimes of Freedom Flashing", and " Mr. Tamborine man - Dylan's version", and"TURN!!! TURN!!! TURN!!!", and "MR. SPACEMAN", and "Maybe be Friends with you", and "My Back Pages" the ULTIMATE Jingle Jangled 12 stringed electric guitar {Rickenbacker} sound is another "Warm and Fussy" orchestrations that show hospitality.

October 17th, 1980 Heard U2's "
I will follow", " Where the Streets have no name" AND "I still haven't found What I am looking for."
And I thought THEY were the next JIMI HENDRIX's, THAT song reinforced my appreciation for the unconditional love I had with my Father, so I had dreams of covering U2 songs some day when I could afford a guitar. I bought an Atari 800XL 8-bit {Only $100.00, traded a $400.00 Canadian Coin Collection for TRAX Floppy Disk Drive} and saved a fortune at the arcade. I programmed in Basic, the "Star Wars" theme song - A new hope" I was already a big fan of Computer Music, which came out of my favourite Loretta Lynn, Roy Clark, and other catchy tunes from the 1930's, inspired to me at an early age by my Father's Interests in music. My hopes of becoming a "18 wheel Truck driving man" were dashed by the high cost of rig insurance, so I made the decision to spend more time studying technology, which lead to College aspirations.

March 12th, 1986 Heard "SIMON AND GARFUNKEL's "
THIS SONG made me CRY!!! Richard Critchley, my Landlord at the time, gave me his favourite tape, because he knew I liked music, and when I heard THAT SONG I sobbed HEAVILY the whole song!!! Because at the time the ENTERTAINMENT business was the "shits", and it gave me the incentive to look more at my TV for fictional entertainment!!! {not factual educational TV usually MY case being a "COMPUTER NERD" instead} which helped me RE-DISCOVER legacy WARM AND FUZZY moments of the past which helped me NOT DISMISS the commercial fictional entertainment business.

Sometime in 1987
Watched's "Tommy, the Pinball Wizard" ALSO from Much Music
This important inspiration of what a Concept Album is, the ultimate Rock U mentry about a socially deprived refuge, not of the Video game era, but the old "Pinball Age."

Some time in 1994, HEARD HEARD Triumph's "
bought a $65.00 nylon stringed acoustic guitar, and THE ROLLING STONES Anthology, and THE WHO Anthology music books, and in 3 weeks of heavy slogging taught myself to play accoustic guitar, covering favourite songs from oldies radio, RUSH'S "WORKING MAN", and later the 1990's Grunge movement, and heavy metal. I was always troubled by seeing this very Famous Ric Emmette, FINDING myself searching hard to find the right excuses to talk to him, though he'd be only 20 feet away at Songwriting Association of Canada and other music events. I wouldn't overcome the social inadequacy problem for years. I was in perpetual fear of saying the wrong thing, and losing friends.

Some time in 1997, HEARD CONSPIRACY Badfinger's "Carry On"
" I can't believe what happened to these nice people, who can hate these smiling innocent faces enjoying themselves entertaining people. Jimi Hendrix's Star Spangled Bannar," gone for no good reason, and John Lennon's "Give Peace A Chance" , Kirk Corbains "Smells like Teen Spirit" things that defy understanding. Was absolutely heartbroken, all the radio stations paid tribute to the loss of Kirk Cobain.

"Jennipher-Ecles" sexual repression is over!!!, and " I'm Alive!!!" got me out of many sad times, " Air that I breath", "Long Cool Woman", "Just one look", "On a Carosel", "Carry-Anne" {Mary Anne}, " Bus Stop", "Stop!!! Stop!!! Stop!!!" " Pearl Jam, I'm Alive!!!" also got my spirits up when friends were tied up.

OTHER IMPORTANT SONGS INFLUENCED by the BUDDY HOLLIES!!! Again I need to do my job properly, and not fall on my ASS and embarass myself in the unforgiving and unrealistic corporate mucus business {American Idol-Big reward for the lucky one - No consideration for everybody else in the music business with people ACTUALLY crying over lost chances, with whole futures going down the toilet, despite very good presentable submissions???} I've become aware because IT'S OPEN SEASON for MAGGOT MANAGERS/BOSSES to look forward to showing disrespect to human beings everywhere in the GTA, which is GOOGLE CORRUPT AS HELL. CSN&Y "Woodstock",{My hopes of getting back to the garden some century} " Teach your children well!!!" {My favourite CSN&Y Song, if nobody likes these kinds of songs anymore, my future is sunk too!!!} Gram Parson's " Devil in Disguise!!!" another sexual deprivation {All the princesses, {not Leia all of us males are stuck with and CURSED heavily WITH!!!}, AND THIS ONE PRETTY PLEASE IF IT'S POSSIBLE Joe Cocker's Woodstock submission, "I GET BY with a little help from my FRIENDS!!!" PRETTY PLEASE in some century with tons, and tons of sugar on it!!?! "Wooden Ships on the Water" need to listen to more CSN&Y!!! They are gonna tell me oceans what is wrong with things!!! FOUR DEAD in OHIO!!!!!!!
THE ROLLING STONES!!! SO don't PLAAAAAAAY WIIIIIIITH MEEEEEEE cause you're "PLAYING WITH FIRE!!!!!!!", "I just want to be your friend", "Paint it Black", "Time is on my side", "Mother's Little Helper", "Under my Thumb", "Start me up", "Wild Horses", "DR. HOOK!!!", "Brown Sugar", "Heart of Stone", "Nervous Breakdown", "HEY!!! HEY!!! YOU!!! YOU!!! GET OFF OF MY CLOUD!!!", "It's all over now", "She's a BITCH!!! {Princess!!!}", "Come on", "YOU CAN'T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT!!!", "I CAN'T GET NO SATISFACTION!!!", "It's only Rock and Roll - BUT I LIKE IT!!!", "Let's spend the NIGHT TOGETHER!!!", "HONKY TONK WOMAN!!!", "Can't you Hear me Knocking!!!", "STREET FIGHTING MAN!!!" {What's a poor man to do, BUT SING FOR A ROCK AND ROLL BAND!!!}, "SOLD OUT FOR THE 59th time!!!" {MISS OUT ON THE BEST CONCERTS!!!}, "CHILD OF THE MOON!!!" {ONE GUITAR OF MINE is TUNED DOWN 3 SEMI-TONES FRIN E TO COVER THIS SONG when I first picked up a guitar and Started playing in 1994!!!}, "This could be the LAST TIME!!!", AND FINALLY!!! "JUMPING JACK FLASH!!!" {repeat last "Working Man Moment - RUSH" Jumping Jack Flash - It's a Gas 12X's or more, I'm SATAN'S LITTLE HELPER from 320 years in the future!!!}.

∆∆∆∆∆∆∆BLACK LABEL/Cra[s]y Records!!! Signed April 1st, 2020∆∆∆∆∆∆∆


Goofy Guitars are Good for Therapy!!!
Les Guitares maladroites sont Bonnes pour la The{/}rapie !!!

No longer:


Walter Dean Rhodes



BLACK LABEL/Cra[s]y Records!!!


AC/DC Malcolm Young OB1 Tribute group


TORTURE FOR MY COMPUTER each time it gives me a hard time/LA TORTURE POUR MON ORDINATEUR chaque fois que c{c}a me donne du fil a{\} retordre!!!